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Anxiety Group Therapy. Abstract

Anxiety Group Therapy (Online) for Women - Monday evenings at 6 pm starting February 2021 - contact me to find out more!

Is this you?

- Do you struggle with that 'what if's' in life?
- Do you worry about the future?
- Do you have the tendency to catastrophise?
- Do you spend a lot of time over-thinking and worrying?

Group therapy?!

If you are an anxious person, the thought of attending group therapy might be a very scary thought. For this reason the group is a maximum of 6 attendees and is a closed group which gives the group the chance to bond and for us to create a safe space. In the first session we will agree a group agreement that you create as a group. This is where we look at what we want to achieve and discuss what it is you need from everyone in order to feel safe to do this. It might include things like committing to respect each other and giving everyone space to speak.

This group will be an opportunity to meet and connect with others in an environment built to create safety and trust. You will meet other people in similar situations to you who also suffer with anxiety . Together you will learn, grow and support each other. I will be there to support and facilitate the group and also to share information and techniques that are useful for you in order for you to deal with your anxiety. Group therapy can be a nerve wracking experience, but the benefits are huge.

Additionally to our group sessions, you will all receive an individual counselling session for 30 mins included within what you pay.

This group is for women (18+) who are suffering with anxiety. Unfortunately this is not suitable for anyone dealing with OCD or PTSD.

How does it work?
Members are asked to commit to weekly attendance. It is important to understand that this is not a drop in support group but group therapy.

The sessions take place on Zoom for 90 mins on a Monday evening. You will need to be in a quiet, private space and have good internet connection, It is important that everyone in the group wears headphones to maintain confidentiality at all times for yourself and others in the group.

This group will run as a closed group over a period of 6 weeks (same time, same day). Each group will have a maximum of 6 attendees to allow everyone space to be heard.

Each session is 90 mins long and costs £25 per person.

Please get in touch on if you would like to know more or to register your interest.

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